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The High Road

A wise man once said to me,”the Christian life is a high road : one on which we follow internal commands than external laws”
It was a statement that left me considering a lot about my walk with Christ
How many times I have chosen to go the normal street just because everyone thinks that’s right
Comparing it against the times I stood firm by the decision God lead me to,I realised I rarely chose the high

Most Christians would rather fit in than stand out
We allow family ,friends and the world define to us what is right and wrong
Abraham could have stayed with his family just because that was the right thing to do
But he chose to follow the leadings of God and ended up in an unknown land
No matter how seemingly weird God’s commands to you
They’re worth going with
Christ owns your life ie if you submitted to Him
Fortunately for you,He knows the end from the beginning as well
I see no reason why you should choose limited human counsel over perfectly divine counsel

Once you have believed Christ, believe also then that every good and perfect gift comes from above
Don’t hesitate to follow the will ,counsel or commands of God
Make it a point to cherish His opinion above everyone else’s 
I read a quote that said “opinions are like noses,everyone has one”
For our own sakes,we’re blessed to have a father who doesn’t just have an opinion or say 
But has the perfect will for our lives


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“The high road is all about life “,the wise man said
Where life in this sense is what Jesus Christ says about the situation
It won’t always be the answer you expect or want but knowing that its from Christ  makes everything different
Just remember that it wont always be people who keep you from the high road
Your own delayed obedience (disobedience) would also keep you from travelling that high road
Your ultimate door to joy and fulfilment is to take the high road which is the will of Christ



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