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Dear Future

Are you near?
Are you far?
Do I need to fear?
Are you within my grasp?
Can I hug and hold you?
Or would I just be hugging air?
When would I see you?
Do you know how you’ll turn out?


I want you to be as beautiful as the shells from the sea shore,
Snow white and pure,
I want men to admire you when they set eyes on you.
Can you be so huge and bright, yet so humble?
Or you’d be like the peacock, so proud of your feathers and filled with pomp?

But you know, some people say you aren’t so far,
That I need to face you with confidence.
I want to believe that with all my heart, but my mind keeps holding me back.
It keeps questioning my belief of something I can’t see,
Always advising against listening to the heart’s strong belief: that you’re my friend and within my grasp.


Can you do me a favor and just wag a finger in my face?
I know that’s for angry people, but our relationship is on a different scale,
Your gentle prodding doesn’t seem to work anymore,
I need some hardcore evidence to present to my mind,
To let it understand that you’re indeed all you say you are.

I know for sure I’ll hear from you soon, until then, I’ll do my best to ignore my mind’s actions,
Focus on my heart’s affections,
I’m beyond reasonable doubt that she knows you very well,
As is customary for her, bidding the right time for us to meet.
I look forward to meeting you soon.



Mimispassion © 2016

Image credits: Google



I am passionate about one thing: purpose. It is the reason I write, smile and live life. I enjoy working with you to tell your personal or brand story in a human centered way that compels your audience or customers to root for you always. Let's surely work together sometime.

5 thoughts on “Dear Future

  1. That’s a wonderful piece. It actually got me thinking about my future and those are the questions I have been asking my self? Will it be pleasant and just as I imagine? Surely by grace it will be

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