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Letting go

What is it you have that you haven’t received?
Why cling so much to something that isn’t entirely yours?
You keep hurting and weeping inside, just because no one sees doesn’t mean God doesn’t see also.
Whatever you have, He gave it to you, so you’ll prosper in His purpose for you.
Whatever you have isn’t for you to cling on to, to the point of being scratched when things go south…


What is that thing that you can’t let go of??
Is it the friends who mean so much to you?
Is it the family without whom you’ll be dead?
Is it that degree that you think sets you apart?
Is it the unique talents and gifts you received?
Is it the wisdom and creativity with which you approach life?
What at all is it you have that you haven’t received from above?
For every good and perfect gift comes from God.

God didn’t give you all He has, just so you ignore Him and channel all your attention to those people, or gifts or even purpose.
God wants to be involved in all you use what He’s given you for.
It’s not His plan for you to idolize them….
Let go and let God, a very popular saying,
But do we really do that?
Is that easy to do?


I have realised letting go isn’t easy at all,
Most especially when you get so used to having the person, gifts, talents or purpose.
Once you feel fulfilled and accomplished, its just so difficult letting go and letting God.
Moreover, it really hurts to let go, memories unfortunately seem to never disappear.
You can see things are crumbling, but you hold on just a lil longer.
Well, you told God about it but you just want to try a little longer,
Try to make things get back to where they used to be,
Try to be who you used to be….


What’s the point honestly?
Continue hurting when God wants you to let go so He can heal you?
If you refuse to let go, you’ll never learn the lesson, in the long run you’ll need to learn that lesson.
Why not just trust God to work things out and just relax your efforts?
Nothing actually counts without God.

I’ve had issues letting go of some key people and things in my life, but the hurt is too much so I have to let go and allow God heal me now.
I’m sure you also may have gone through something, I’ll love to hear your experience or thoughts in the comments.

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I am passionate about one thing: purpose. It is the reason I write, smile and live life. I enjoy working with you to tell your personal or brand story in a human centered way that compels your audience or customers to root for you always. Let's surely work together sometime.

22 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Forgiveness is so powerful, that is my way of letting go, forgiving the things people have done to hurt me. I forgive myself and the other person, because it takes two to Tango. I have to forgive my actions as well in order to let go and surrender. God sent Jesus to take away our sin…we need to learn to forgive and love from our hearts. Beautiful post my friend. Love and hugs!

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  2. It’s never easy to let go, especially of people, but I realised that after I let go, the pain eased.
    Thanks Susan on the forgiveness tip.
    Enam, pretty piece; all we have is for God’s purpose. Thanks

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  3. Oh dear,,,it’s been a great struggle letting go what does not add to the life of God in me,,,,I’ve literary begged some friends to stay when they walked away not realizing God had purposed,,

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  4. It isn’t easy letting go of vital things in life, but a times one has to let go for God to put things straight in our lives. This then sets Gods purpose and plans for our lives.

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