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The writer’s pen

Across the seven seas, what do you see?
At the peak of Everest, can you ever rest?
Soaring high above like the eagle,
Free to view the world from any angle,
Knitting souls together like the tailor,
Dragging scores of souls with you like a movie trailer.


Voice of the voiceless,
defender of the defenseless,
the writer’s pen brings freedom,
inspiring others to higher heights.
Revealer of hidden treasures,
stepping stone for the short to see farther,
wings on which the daily dreamers fly,
the extended leg for the cripple to walk.


Appreciated or not,
popular or not,
the writer’s pen never lies.
No matter how far time flies,
the scribbled words remain true,
engraved on the hearts of they who read.
A nutritious source of wisdom to the wise who feed,
goosebumps are just the beginning of what they feel,
as the writer’s pen exposes truth just as it is……


To all my writers out there, whether you’ve found your voice or not, be encouraged to keep on enriching the world with all the goodies inside you. You’re necessary for the growth of the world.

Mimispassion © 2016



In simplicity is sophistication. Writing is liberating and having you read is exhilarating....

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