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Not a care in the world,

A free spirit and soul,

No traces of foul,

Light hearted and full of cheer,

Honest without fear,

Love without strings,

A kind heart that fears no fall,

Even if forsaken by all.

Being carefree is a gift to yourself,

Life’s hurdles and battles thrive when you worry,

Draining you of every positive energy ever,

Dragging you into a sea of depression and sadness,

Unable to achieve anything of worth,

Always sour and sore.

You have a choice to either be cheerful or sorrowful,

Nobody can make that choice for you,

Your battles and experiences are no excuse,

People have thrived in places of strife,

Choose to be happy and joyous in spite of life’s kicks,

Allow it to kick and kick but never fall for it by worrying,

Focus on conquering and overcoming,

Be care free and watch the hard times flee……

Mimispassion © 2016





In simplicity is sophistication. Writing is liberating and having you read is exhilarating....

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