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Wilfully Married IV


Zaki“, Kay called out from the porch to the gateman. “Yes sa“, Zaki responded and run to where his master stood. ‘Where is madam’? Kay asked. “Sa, madam sey make a tell you sey she lef. Kay, obviously not pleased with the answer, asked him again, didn’t she tell you where she was going? ” No sa“, came Zaki’s reply. Okay, you go back to your post, clean my car for me, I’ll be going out in a while. “Yes sa sa“, Zaki said and walked away towards his room to get the duster to clean Kay’s car.

Kay tried Ewurasi’s number again and got the same feedback: the number you’re trying to call is busy. They had had a discussion about she going to work in her state since she was getting close to her due time, the doctor advised that she kept the activities and stress minimal. But she would hear none of that, yesterday, she had said she was tired of staying home as she had finished reading all the books in the library and didn’t want to watch TV -she considered it a waste of precious time. He suspected that she had probably left for the office without his consent. She was just too stubborn. He didn’t understand why she will intentionally sneak out without telling him where she was going. He just hoped she and the baby were safe. Since they found out about the pregnancy, she had been quite nervous most times, worrying about how painful labor might be or the possibility of having to go through a c-section, or whether she will be a good mother to the baby or not? Trust Ewura to entertain the wildest of thoughts. Almost every other day, he had had to do a lot of convincing and sweet talking just so she knew that all will be well. Sometimes he wondered what she was so afraid of. If God had decided to let this child come when they were not too prepared for it, He will surely make all things fall in place.

“Hello, is this Kwame Ampong?”, Kay heard a masculine voice boom over the phone into his ears. “Yes it is, who is this and why do you have my wife’s phone?” -All sorts of thoughts running through his mind, from accident to kidnap to police. Why did a man with a deep voice have his wife’s phone? The voice of the man on the other side jostled him back to reality.”Sir, please I just rushed your wife to the 37 military hospital, she’s been rushed to the emergency room, the doctors are asking for family”. What, how, where, how did my wife end up there? “Sir, I already mentioned that the 37 military hospital, I would be waiting for you here sir. The earlier you get here the better”, the young man replied curtly.  Okay, I’m on my way. He stood for about 3 minutes staring at the phone in his hands and wondering what had just happened?

Kay was still in shock, what had happened to Ewura, how come she was in the emergency room? How bad an accident was it? Was their baby safe? All these questions kept running through his mind as he looked for his car keys so he could leave the house.He found his key, picked it up and then dialed Jael’s number whilst he was on his way out, he called to Zaki to lock up. “J, did you guys have any serious client meeting today?” Kay asked half expecting a no. “Yes, we did, we were supposed to meet a prominent investor today. But Elsie is gone to handle it, why?” Oh God, Kay breathed into the phone. Ewura has been rushed to 37, I’m on my way there as we speak. “Wait, how? Wasn’t she supposed to be home resting? ” Jael, I honestly don’t know, I’ll speak to you later. “Okay dear, I’m also leaving the office now, I’ll meet you at the hospital.”

Everything inside Kay was screaming anxiety and fear. He really couldn’t drive in this state. He did the one thing he could do in such situations. He sat behind the wheel, placed his head on it and said a heartfelt prayer to God using Phil 4:6 as his reference and asking God’s will to be done at the end of the day. With that, he sparked the car and drove off. On his way, he intentionally listened to all the things that would encourage him, he wasn’t going to give fear and anxiety a hold in his life, not after all it took for God to teach him to be patient in tribulation. He blessed God in his spirit and spoke in tongues as he went along.


Owuraku was excited he had finally got close to Ewurasi, but he was sad it had to be under such an unfortunate circumstance. He had always admired the lady — not in a bad way, though. He was just taken by her passion and love for what she did and how she seemed to have an answer for everything. She was a true role model in every sense of the word to him. He had never missed any of her shows and listened in even when he couldn’t be physically present at the events. He had pictured in his mind how talking to her would be like, it usually gave him jitters as he couldn’t imagine how speaking to such an intelligent and smart woman would feel like. He wished so much that it’ll happen in the kind of way where you are asked to talk about the impact of the person on your life, not having the slightest idea that the person was actively listening.  Now he had to see her like this. Through an accident. He hoped she didn’t suffer too much after effects as it looked like her airbag had shielded her from the crash.

He was on his way to the mall with his sister when he saw the accident happen just a few cars away from him, he parked his car and got down to find out the victims of the accident, and that was when he recognized the registration number of the vehicle and immediately he knew it was his icon. He rushed to her side of the door, being able to swiftly move through the gathering crowd. He immediately called for an ambulance and carried to the paramedics who placed her on the stretcher and took her to the ambulance and headed for the hospital. He called his sister in the car to drive the car to the hospital after him as he sat in the ambulance. He was glad to have been able to help his role model.

He saw Kay half walking, half running towards the counter and met him midway. “Hello sir, I am Owuraku, I called you about your wife’s accident”. Nice to meet you, young man can you tell me exactly what happened? “Erhm, I came upon the scene of the accident on my way to the mall and managed to get close enough to realise it was your wife. I am a very huge fan of hers so I immediately called for the ambulance and stayed with her till now. The doctors have been in there for a while, but they didn’t tell me anything as they wanted a family member around before they could say anything”. Thank you very much Owuraku, I’ll let my wife know of your good deeds. We’ll stay in touch okay. Thank you once again, Kay said whilst giving the young man a firm handshake.” My utmost pleasure sir, it was a delight being of help to someone who has influenced me so much. I will like to take my leave now, my sister is waiting for me. All the best sir.” With that, Owuraku shook hands with Kay again and he walked out of the hospital.

Kay hang around the ward where his wife was and waited and prayed whilst hoping the doctors will come out sometime soon to tell him something. Kay saw the doctor approaching him and stood up to meet him. “Doctor, please I’m the husband of the lady in there, how is she?”  She’s stabilized now, but I need to discuss some issues with you so please follow me to my office. Your wife is almost due for delivery, but the impact of the accident affected her abdomen, apparently, she jerked back hard before finally collapsing onto the steering wheel which had an impact on her abdomen and resulted in a placental abruption — which means that your wife’s placenta has separated from the baby and there’s only a small link left to the baby. At the stage it is, we would have to either perform a c-section to take out the baby prematurely, or wait for ther to go into labor, whilst administering some corticosteroids to speed up the growth of the baby and prevent probable growth development backlashes. However, as with almost everything, the c-section would also have it’s aftermaths, considering that your wife’s blood clotting abilities are way below average and that could cause a lot of bleeding which eventually would affect her overall health. So the ball is in your court young man, weigh the two options and decide as soon as possible, we don’t have much time. Kay had tears running down his cheeks as he thanked the doctor and walked out.

He met Jael outside and filled her in. She assured him of her support and held him as they went to sit down. She said a prayer of comfort and direction for them both and asked God to keep Ewura alive. Kay was visibly shaken and emotionally unstable at the moment. He felt like he was between Pharoah and the red sea. He really needed God’s wisdom to make this decision. He asked Jael to excuse him as he stood and walked towards the men’s washroom.

It’s been thirty minutes since Kay excused himself to go to the washroom. She had called Andy on her way here, now he and Jesse were all here. They’d been here for the past 20 minutes and also started worrying after Jael told them that Kay had been gone to the washroom for about 30 minutes. They all prayed that he hadn’t done anything drastic to himself, Andy and Jesse decided to go check the washroom if there was still no sign of Kay in the next 5 minutes.

What decision would Kay make? Lose his wife or baby? What if he loses them both, how will his life continue?

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