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Wilfully Married V

Papa Koomson and Theresa, finally the continuation is here eh. Very sorry for the long break. To compensate you, I’ve tried to make it a little longer. lol…. The story was refusing to continue oh… I hope you enjoy it. Thess, I hope we won’t fight about it again. Hehe.. To my new readers, do take your time and enjoy from the Prologue to this one. The binge readers too, I see you, though. Thanks y’all for the support. And guess I’d have to say Happy Belated Val’s day. Enjoy…..!!!

Credits:  Ain’t he cute, though?

Kay sat quietly by his wife on the bed reading online about the statistics of survival and the willingness to continue life for women who had gone through what Ewura had experienced. With more emphasis on women who had an active career and had only warmed up to being mothers after pregnancy. The stats he was seeing wasn’t too encouraging, but he hoped deep within him that Ewura would be an exceptional case. After all, hadn’t she always been the exception to the rule most part of her life? He believed she’ll survive and the gregarious and determined spirit wouldn’t be crushed by the loss, stress, and pain of the surgery.

He knew how crushed he’d been when the doctor came out of the theater and broke the news of the loss of the baby to him. It felt like an articulator truck had just run him over. He racked with pain and sobs when he rushed to the washroom after the doctor broke to him that they’d lost their baby and his wife needed some time to recover fully. He had forgotten how soft he could get. Ewura had made him into a strong man who was rarely moved by anything, but not today of all days.  It was Val’s day for crying out loud, why did he have to lose his baby and watch his wife in intensive care when most lovers and couples were out there enjoying themselves? How bad a hand could life deal him?  He was very convinced that God wanted them to wait out for a normal delivery, so why would he allow complications to develop when they were in His will? God, I seriously no dey barb oh, I mean how you for allow this happen? – He spoke to God about how he felt at the moment amidst the tears.   When he had calmed down a little after talking freely to God about how he felt and what he expected, he heard “for your thoughts aren’t my thoughts, neither are your ways my ways“, he cried a little more when another scripture came to him, “in all things, give thanks to God“. After crying his eyes red, he washed his face, tore a tissue, wiped his face and walked out of the washroom smiling. He started speaking in tongues as he walked towards Ewura’s ward.


He turned when he heard the door open. He had been here for 72 hours and yet couldn’t bring himself to eat much, all he had was some FanIce with some Adinkra Pie and some Oreo biscuits with some pineapple juice he got from the stalls outside the hospital. He saw Jael with a bouquet of flowers and a basket of food at the entrance to the room. She lifted them and shrugged as a way of finding out if she could enter. He nodded and she came in and sat on the chair by the bed, seeing that he was seated by Ewura on the bed. She asked after his well-being, to which he nodded in the affirmative. She gestured to the food and asked him to at least eat something, to which he smiled and said he’d eat and mumbled a thank you. Jael stayed for a little while, trying to make small talk with him. After about 20-30 minutes, she was ready to leave. She prayed shortly with them and took her leave. He knew she would have loved to stay longer because this was her best friend but she couldn’t because Kay had given the impression that he wanted to be left alone with his wife so all of them had learned to give him that space. Even Ewura’s parents had adjusted to giving him space after they were assured he could take care of himself and his wife. Beyond everything, he was the one who was one flesh with her and not them.

Ewura had always been his filter of the world. She had taken it upon herself to make him work on his melancholic temperament, with the help of God of course. She was the most original sanguine he’d ever met. What awed him more about her was how she had managed to commit to the marriage and to her purpose. Sanguines usually tired of things easily, you know. She had a way of seeing the lighter way about everything. He had missed her sorely. He could now understand why he married her, aside it being God’s will. She was a special breed of a woman and girl merged into one person. She maintained she wasn’t a lady but he hadn’t seen a better lady than her. He chuckled lightly and touched her arm whilst planting a kiss on her forehead. Hey, buddy you better wake up soon eh, I really miss you, he said half to himself. He thought he saw a small smile appear briefly on her face. Typical Ewura, he thought. Even whilst sleeping and seemingly unwell, she had a way of warming his heart.  He was very sure that his blog would feature a testimony of this time in their lives. He couldn’t wait to have his most professional and qualified editor – Ewura edit that post. For a second he wondered if Ewura would be okay with them sharing their experience with the world. It made him say a prayer for her to wake up still full of life and not depressed, cause the “full of life” Ewura always believed in sharing her experiences cum lessons with people, in the hopes that it will guide someone.

Kay, we’ll be late for service. I, the woman who is supposed to have been late is the one sitting here waiting for you. Can you imagine? She said to no one in particular. She wondered what her husband was up to that would make him spend so much time dressing up. She didn’t know him to be someone who used makeup so what on earth was he doing inside? The makeup bit made her laugh briefly. She turned when she heard “and what is she sitting there laughing to herself about?” She caught her breath as she took in her husband’s look: he was looking particularly handsome today. He was in her favorite royal blue African tailored shirt and it looked like the first time she met him. Her heart was beating, his chest and arm muscles stood out proudly and he had done something to his hair that made the natural curls in it more evident. And his perfume, wow, he smelled so good, she felt like just sniffing him the whole day and just cuddling, but they had to get to church so she pushed it to the back of her mind and smiled. He flashed her that sweet smile that had her swooning, she couldn’t catch herself before she planted a huge kiss on his lips. When she was done composing herself, he stood there smiling and licking his lips. “Sweetheart, you look absolutely amazing, ” she managed to say whilst dabbing at her lipstick on his lips. “Thank you darling”, Kay responded with a sheepish smile and a wink. He loved it when his wife got star-stricken by how handsome he could be. And she was usually stricken, Ewura loved him clean-shaven and he delighted in seeing the look on her face. Wonderful thing was, she never run out of sweet and delicious compliments. That was just her, she believed in feedback and so she offered it always. Sometimes he had to stop her cause he could literally feel his head expanding.  He chuckled and held her hand and walked her out of the room towards the car where the driver was waiting for them.

Travis Greene’s “He’s intentional” boomed through the speakers, as husband and wife sang along with gratitude and joy. God had been good to them and all things had worked together for their good indeed. Kelly, their driver smiled to himself as he thought about the couple he was driving. He had been driving them for the past year, but this particular car he had been driving for just about 3 months. After madam left the hospital, an investor in her business had gifted them with a Bentley Continental Supersports convertible on their 5th marriage anniversary which was 3 weeks ago, exactly a month after madam got discharged from the hospital. He had been surprised at how quickly she picked up on life. Master Kay was really blessed, he had a very strong and optimistic woman for a wife. She hadn’t allowed herself to wallow in pity about the loss of their child and her own stressful experience after surgery. She had thanked God for the opportunity to learn and impact a life for the best.

She was still hard-headed and hardworking but had come to appreciate God’s position in her life better. He knew all these through reading Master Kay’s blog about their experience and the testimony of a godly marriage and a love turned to Christ. One of the female doctors hadn’t been a staunch believer in Christ, she went to church for the sakes of it and that was it. She wasn’t a believer in the whole “chrife” thingy. To her, God was for church, beyond that, she could say anything she wanted, insult people, indulge pride and do whatever she liked.  But a gentleman in the church had approached her for marriage, he was drop dead gorgeous and God-fearing and obviously lived his life for God. She liked him and could will to love him but her past held her back as she felt she didn’t deserve such a good person. He was even a virgin, I mean in this current world where choristers who led the choir even slept with each other? She thought he deserved someone way better than her, so had tried to distance herself from him but he was persistent. He told her to let God love her and then she could love him. But try as he did, she didn’t feel it would be fair to God to begin taking him serious on account of a drop dead gorgeous, virgin and God fearing man. She didn’t know what drew her to Ewura and Kay. She had followed their case closely after the man stated that God would keep his baby and wife safe even though medical evidence suggested otherwise. She thought it was interesting. She finally decided to approach Kay after seeing him praying and smiling down at his wife 3 days after they had lost their baby and his wife was in coma. Her interactions with him had led her to understand Christ better and she had fully come to accept Him as her Lord and personal savior. And now the brother who’d been patiently waiting for her had the opportunity to court her. And they both kept growing in Christ. Kelly smiled again and started singing along with the couple. “He’s intentional, He’s intentional, never failing”.


Barb: understand
Chrife: staunch christian 

All Rights Reserved. Mimispassion © 2016

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