Unconditional Love


You only love me when you can;
Making use of complex formulas and prerequisite requirements,
Making no room for my mistakes and stubbornness,
Forgetting that I’m human and would err,

Twisting and turning me emotionally, vexing the very soul within me;

You only love me when you can;
Raising the expectations of what gets you to love me,
Professing your undying love in words, but lacking accompanying actions,

Wanting to talk but being unable to because you were in a “don’t love you now” mood;
Breaking my little heart into millions of shattered glass like pieces;

You only love me when it’s convenient for you;
Picking me up and dropping me at your pleasure and sometimes leisure,

Praising me and telling me of your love when I please you;
Finding all faults in anything I do, just because you didn’t expect it,
Would you just make some time to truly understand me?

You only love me when you can,
Passing the love through a filter, passing me the liquid only when I ‘deserve’ it,

Throwing the chaff into my face when I don’t deserve it,
Looking at me and my actions through your judgement lens,
Only considering what other people apart from us would think,
Never for a moment considering how all this “timed” and “filtered” love confuses me;

You only love me when its convenient,
Only when it doesn’t cost you a limb or a neuron to do so,

When it’s convenient for pictures and applause,
Only when the cameras are on and shooting: only in the good times,
Do you even care if I see through all the act?
Or you’re human so I shouldn’t expect much of you?
Perhaps I should forget about ever getting the sacrifices that come with love……


All Rights Reserved. Mimispassion © 2017.


20 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. Great piece Mimi. interesting concept, and many can relate. This idea of loving when you can I think happens mainly because our understanding of love comes from movies, family environments etc. One can only truly love when you accept you don’t know love and just allow God to love through you. We try to blend what we see in movies with what the holy spirit tells us on the inside and we end up giving our partners signals that don’t communicate the love of God as it should. There is not confusion in love so confused love is no love at all.

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    1. I never said I was expecting love from a partner or that this was about a partner. I don’t need to spell out everything. Love should be unconditional and not convenient. We (those who can relate ) experience conditional and convenient love a lot from friends and family even before partners get involved.

      *Disclaimer* This isn’t about a partner. It’s about love amongst humans.


      1. Wooow
        You feel your statement is true. Because you have had conditional love you want to experience unconditional love. It’s a brain malady, it loves novelty. And could you image someone who has enjoyed unconditional love asking for conditional love? Just thinking…

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  2. when he cast the same love on the evil hearted and the morally upright, to us humans that love is the simple truth yet the biggest mystery. we are just grateful for his unconditional love.

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  3. This could be interpreted simply as a relationship between two people, or something macrocosmic. I like how your work has a lot of fluidity. It can adapt to your readers personal experiences. Good Job Mimi.

    – Locke Dor

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