My Blogging Journey – Mimi’s Passion is 4 years

Mimi’s Passion is Four Years old, huraaaaaay!!!! Somewhere last month, WordPress sent me a congratulatory message for clocking 4 years. I’m surprised at how soon the four years have come. Something that started out somewhat insecurely, has become a huge thing now. I want to use this blog post to share how my journey has been so far. Per chance, for those who want to start, it will serve as some encouragement. And those who’ve gone slow too, it could be a revival. Lol.

The Starting

The first time I entertained an idea about starting to blog, I had been pleasantly surprised. I was part of a photoshoot for an alumni of the Anointed Theatre Ministry. The guy who took the pictures took really great pictures in my opinion. So we got into a conversation, only to find out he’s an Economics student. I was blown away. It had never crossed my mind that anyone could actually follow their passion whilst also attending to the status quo. So to say.

Since I’d been in the space of exploring writing in that period of my life, I thought of starting a blog. The focus of the blog was to highlight the young people who’d made something out of their passion whilst still schooling. I was soon to find out that it wasn’t at all easy to get them to talk. The blog finally went live on 15th June 2015 on the premises of Soronko Solutions, where I was an intern.  I created it on the first day, when I was told my orientation will be the next day. It started off as and later became Mimi’s Passion. And I did go a few posts, albeit whack videos too.
PS: I can’t remember how I crafted the name.


Moving On

A few months after starting, I profiled two young people. Then I realised it wasn’t at all easy getting their stories, so I pivoted. And I strongly believe it was a heavenly arranged pivot. Because that pivot had me writing about Christian issues, articles, etc. I was sharing the things I was learning about God and discovering about Christendom that I felt no one was talking about. My inspiration came when reading the bible, conversations, during mid semester exams, dreams, etc. Twas almost like everything around me screamed inspiration. It was a truly fun period.

Initially when I shared what I wrote, I didn’t let anyone know I was the one who wrote it. This was because I didn’t trust my writing to be too good. I had only discovered it in a time of heaviness and feeling like I couldn’t possibly talk to anyone. So I kept sharing with my network and then telling them it was a friend who writes it. It wasn’t until about 3 months or so later when I edited my Gravatar profile so I could connect with others did people notice. They saw my image attached to the account and made the connection. We laughed it over and then they came to accept Mimi’s Passion as me. And most of these people have supported ever since.
Special mention to Yaw Sekyere and Edem Afenyo.


The Journey so Far

After blogging continuously for about a year, I started reaping some results from it. First of all, I connected with other people in the WordPress community. I visited their blogs, read and left comments. Sometimes I spent the whole night reading someone’s entire blog and leaving comments on almost every single post. It caught the attention of some of them and they also came to read my blog and connected. My goal wasn’t to get them to notice me, I just really enjoyed their content. They were Joseyphina, Dr N, Ufuomaee. These were people from whom I learnt a lot about style. Initially I tried copying their styles, but eventually I was able to develop my own voice.

Somewhere in final year, after I’d become quite active on LinkedIn for whatever reason, I got an offer for mentorship. What happened was that this man was interested in mentoring young people and thus sent me a message. Picking from the structure of his message, I used the same structure in response. He was very much impressed at my communications skills. He’s the one who brought my attention to the fact that my writings lacked punctuation. That was a viable lesson which has never left me even until today.

About a year and a few months after having started, I wanted to make money. So I took to Google to find out how to make money from my writing. That’s when I discovered Upwork, got a gig as a social media manager and the rest is history. That one gig literally changed how my mind worked. I was earning extra income in addition to my National Service allowance and I was blown away by that possibility. It completely changed my mind about work, rewards, employments, skill developments, etc. Because I learned how to use Canva, HootSuite, etc. to create graphics and manage the social media pages for Healing Words Foundation. I only got to know about these tools because I asked those ahead of me who had been in the field.

My current employment dates back also to this blog. A course mate shared the blog with his boss and a year later, I got a job to work as social media and content writer. Just about 4 months after my initial Upwork contract. By which time I’d gathered some experience. But most importantly, blogging had taught me to research, challenge myself and be open to new things. So these were skills I transferred to my work. And I’ve seen immense growth in my own career from when I joined the company till now.

Lessons Learned

As you would have noticed by now if you’re a regular of this blog, I glean lessons from almost everything. The process of starting this and coming this far with it has definitely taught me a few things. Chief amongst which are:

  1. Start small, stay consistent and never stop moving.  – I began with an idea, pivoted, but stayed on track and eventually made something out of this.
  2. When you don’t know something, copy without being shy. Eventually you get better at it. – When I didn’t know my own writing style, I tried copying that of others who I felt were ahead. Today, I’ve been able to craft my own style and be fearless about using it.
  3. If you don’t know how to go about something, ask. You lose nothing by asking. – I remember sending Joseyphina a mail to ask her how to link to posts since I’d seen her doing so with some Daily Prompts thing which I wanted to join.
  4. Don’t isolate yourself. Enjoy community, reach out and be willing to check out unfamiliar things. – I found Kenikodjo’s blog by virtue of reading through comments on other blogs or checking what blogs the people I followed also followed. That way, I broadened my horizon and also improved my own skills.
  5. Actively look for growth opportunities. – Career Wednesdays proceeded out of the whole Mimi’s Passion blog. I’ve literally built a personal brand, albeit not extensive with Mimi’s Passion. Gigs, favours and good things have all come from this blog. But it was because I looked beyond the blog alone to what I could do because of and with it.
  6. Inspiration isn’t far fetched. – I become super attentive to my environment, in events, etc.  Always looking to see what I could learn or write about. That has opened up my mind and made me able to spot problems and solve them or think of solutions to them. It’s also made it fairly easy for me to judge ideas in my head quickly and act on them if necessary.

Moving Forward

Four years have already come and gone. Mimi’s Passion has been an immense blessing to me. I’ve met new people, got great mentors, stood the opportunity to grow because of it. The only way forward is to keep growing, keep learning and keep writing. Perhaps many more ideas and services will be born out of this blog and I do hope you stick around to enjoy that when it happens.

To all the people who’ve been ardent readers, I say thanks. All the friends and colleagues who call me to find out when the next article is coming up. Those who share my work across board with friends and their network. The many people who know Mimi’s Passion and have identified it as a worthwhile brand. Thanks to you all for believing in this blog and the human being behind it. I look forward to achieving greater things together.

Isaac Sesi bought me my own domain in 2017 as a gift and Clement Yayra Tetteh renewed it last year when it died. All these people have contributed to how far I have come with this blog. Leticia Oppong let me read her book and write a review for her. Mind you, I’ve never met her even until now. Ufuomaee shared my Admit It post on  her Spotlight collection posts.


I feel these people need to be mentioned and celebrated for their immense support: Selorm Amedior, Emmanuel Agbeka, Dr Ohio Omiunu, Evans Kofi Martin, Akua Ampadu, MD, Yaw Sekyere, Theresa Nugbemado, Elikplim Afenyo, Eyram Amemaxa, Rabi Abdullah, Nehemiah Ewusi, Ocansey, Vinny, Joseph McClean, Elikplim Sabblah, Ahiagbede, Jaka, DNTN, Isaac Sesi, Clement Yayra Tetteh and every other person who’s contributed to me coming this far. Akpe na mikataaa…

It  will be a great joy  to hear how Mimi’s Passion has influenced you over the years. Whether it encouraged you, helped you through a tough time, helped you decide to start something, etc. We can all be encouraged by it.

All Rights Reserved. Mimi’s Passion © 2019

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