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As discussed in our previous post, transitioning into the work environment isn’t something that most students are usually prepared for. It is too easy to carry the mentality of being a student into the classroom of the workplace. As we are all well aware of by now, life itself is a huge classroom that has no walls or windows, it is just this vast expanse of lessons upon lessons and if you fail to learn the lesson the first time, be prepared to meet that trial again in order for you to learn that lesson.

In the light of learning lessons and being aware of the classroom we’re always in, I would like to establish some do’s that each student/individual transitioning should consider. These are purely my own thoughts garnered from my one year of experience in the work world and my observation of and interaction with friends, colleagues and superiors.


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How To Transition From Being A Student To An Employee

Life doesn’t always announce the challenges ahead, you need to always be ready to handle the difficulties that life brings.

Every year, thousands of graduates in Ghana migrate from being students to employees. This usually happens at least within the first year of coming out of the university, largely because of national service (a story on its own). Fortunately, or unfortunately, most undergraduates come out of school unprepared for the working world, most of them come in with their limited experience of being interns. It’s true that national service sometimes is like a prolonged internship/attachment (as we’re used to in Ghana), but the reality on the ground is that, after the one year, you are actually going to transition into the corporate world or working world. It is thus important that during this transition period in your life, you make yourself open to opportunities that will make you stand out as an individual who wants to get employed or wants to employ himself.

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Four Common Career Misconceptions


A lot of young people have a lot of questions and misconceptions about developing a career and how to go about it. Most people end up allowing life happen to them without giving wings to the ideas they have to fly. It is important to debunk certain mindsets and ideas in order to develop a career that is fulfilling at the same time impact filled. These ideas that have been passed on from generation to generation like a family heirloom need to be done away with. Some of the misconceptions you need to watch out for include:

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5 ways to kickstart your career

Aku is a very recent undergraduate from a prestigious university who graduated with first class (Hons.), she met some very successful entrepreneurs in her industry who were taken with her mannerisms and excellent interpersonal skills and thus offered her employment anytime she felt she was ready. Before her national service placement came, she had already decided on one of the companies whose offer she received and now she’s working with a pay slightly higher than what her colleagues are receiving. The money is good, but she’s always confused because she’s not so sure she would like to stay on in the industry.  

 Felix, on the other hand, graduated with a second class and got posted to an institution where it’s more or less like he’s not needed. But he needs the monthly GHS 350.00 allowance offered him, so he drags himself to work each day and spends the whole day texting and social mediaing(if that’s even a word) all day. He doesn’t see the need to redeem his time and use the free internet access to do something useful.  

 Kaysi, also a fresh graduate with second class lower has been fortunate enough to be posted to a company that makes use of his degree, even though they stretch his personal skills and abilities. In his mind, everything is sorted now, so he comes to work late, leaves early and yet gets his work done well and mostly on time. After all, his expertise is required and he’s assured of a place in the company after completing his one-year mandatory service.

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Watch Your Brand

Day in and day out, we meet people. Some end up becoming great friends, others business partners and yet others, investors in your business. And oh, some actually become the better half(life-time PIC). Human as we are, it’s next to impossible to know exactly how someone would influence you or the kind of relationship you would develop with them during your first meeting. Regardless, this very first meeting usually determines how far any relationship you develop with the person goes.Hence the first impression you make on anyone you meet is very important.

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