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The African Narrative – Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2017


The Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2017 was an event organized by the UNDP  and UNCTAD  in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and ICT in Rwanda. It was hosted by H.E. Paul Kagame, the president of Remarkable Rwanda. This Summit was inaugural and  first of its kind to be hosted in Africa. It brought together about 3,000+ students, business owners, policy makers, entrepreneurs, billionaires, government officials etc. from Africa and other parts of the world. All these people came together to engage in a discussion about Africa’s future, about moving the youth – which is Africa’s potential, from a state of being potential to a state of actual success. The two-day event had a range of speakers, from Bankers, to millionaires and billionaires, artist/businessmen etc. who addressed the various aspects of Africa that had a hold on the development of potential of the African youth. Africa Connekt was to Initiate Policy, Establish Programs and Form Sustainable Partnerships. Continue reading “The African Narrative – Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2017”