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To Live Again


Sharon was back to her favorite and yet least favorite place in the house. Dark and out of sight she liked to think it was. It’s funny how her life had become an irony too soon. The bliss and gaiety had all disappeared, leaving just gloom and doom.

She shut her eyes firmly and closed her ears as she anticipated the worst yet again. Her kind and sweet father had suddenly taken to drinking and always came home to take it out on her frail mother. And since they were the only 3 people living in the house, her mom had no one to save her and so continued to endure the pain, disrespect, hurt and disgrace almost every blessed day. Blessed wasn’t a word her mom would call her day.

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mimispassion #poetry

The seas roared loudly, breaking eardrums;
The winds beat against this sinking ship, no more room for conundrums;
It is my heart, deeply in trouble at the turn of events;
Sucked in beyond what I can bear, dragged in deep by hugs sparsely given;
Your touch on my skin sent millions of cells rushing into the titanic, only to be crushed when reality hit;
You tore me apart and wrung open my treasure chest, the island that no one ever dared venture to;
Like a pendulum, you kept wavering, shifting to the left, then to the right;
I was in my physics lab all over again, with my graph book and pencil;
Sketching the “hi’s” and “low’s”, trying to gauge the next value of balance;
Your love had induced me to sleep, a trance I wasn’t ready to awake from.

All Rights Reserved. Mimispassion © 2017

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Let there be light and there was light

My pain was supposed to take flight,

The darkness was supposed to turn bright,

The time was supposed to be right, for everything to be alright,

Alas, it’s not automatic, who will save me from this sorrowful plight?

My fate was tied to my faith, my faith was to keep me from being late;

Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and iniquity you shall hate;

Yet I chose to entertain iniquity, it became the food I ate;

Goodness and mercy shall follow me, but depression and misery filled my plate;

Alas, nothing comes automatic, how will I get through this gate?

Like an eagle, I was supposed to soar: high above all worldly limitations;

Breaking barriers of lies and blazing new trails of hope and love –which conquers all,

Like a lion, I was supposed to roar: boldly and loudly enough to scare off all principalities and powers,

Cause my Jesus already made a public display of them and dismantled their kingdom,

But alas, nothing comes automatic: I had to put my knowledge to application.

Automatic or strategic?  Planned or surprise?

Robotic or manual? 

Controlled or free range?

The choice remains yours to make,

Alas, nothing comes automatic: life becomes what you make it…

Inspired by  daily prompt: AUTOMATIC

All Rights Reserved. Mimispassion © 2017

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Musings of a success addict


You plague me like a disease;

your fragrance does things to me,

Sometimes making me sick;

other times making me confused,

You have a way of infiltrating my mind and taking over,

Leading me through the valley of deep thinking which sometimes ends up in the lows of worry;

You drive people away from me and bring others close to me yet,

Should it always be this difficult trying to be you?

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Seek and Live

They were seeking the treasure of their destiny, without wanting actually to live out the destiny. — Paulo Coelho_The Alchemist

Purpose is an important subject and aspect in and of each individual’s life. With the constant emphasis on purpose all around you, it’ll be easy to begin leaning towards actually discovering your purpose, but then the big question then becomes what you do with that discovery. Do you keep it at the back of your mind and continue living as you were? Or you make use of it to touch the lives you’re supposed to touch?

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