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Trotro Diaries #3

I happened to get to the station late so ended up missing out on sitting at the front seat as I always do. Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I ended up cramped in the middle of two guys: one with a smelly and sweaty fragrance (if that’s even possible) and the other with a sweaty and kind of nice fragrance. I tried to put my head down, but the sweaty and smelly guy (who I’d henceforth refer to as SS) would not put his arm down and even when he did, my head could still not stay down.

Unfortunately for me, our regular bus preacher had become very familiar with me. To the extent that he asks me where I’m going if I happen to intentionally pass by the bus headed for my destination just to go get some “3broa yatutu” aka “roasted maize”. Because he’d become familiar with me, he gets into the habit of looking into my face for some confirmation or what not – I can’t even tell whilst preaching. It was in a bid to avoid his gaze that I wanted to try putting my head down but since Mr SS wouldn’t let me, I pretended to be doing something on my phone whilst listening to him. And the message he shared, as always touched me and opened my mind to certain ways of thinking that I’d never travelled on before.

His sermon today was about assignments. Not homework or midsem assignments, but life assignments. He started off by saying ” Whatever problem God has put you on earth to solve, that is your assignment”. And spoke about how God wouldn’t give you an assignment without making provision for you to be able to achieve it. But the part where I absolutely loved was the Joseph story from Genesis 40: 4 – 23; 41: 1- 14, from which he made some very powerful observations and points:

  1. If you want to fulfill your assignment, you need to pay attention to other’s dreams rather aside your own dreams. I.e. to say that, in helping others achieve or make sense of their dreams, you end up being able to fulfill yours as well. Joseph couldn’t have got the break to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams if he hadn’t interpreted that of those who stayed with him. And he couldn’t have helped them interpret their dreams if he wasn’t paying them much attention to know them and discover when they were discouraged or distressed, enough for him to step in and want to help.
  2. Your assignment has to do with serving others. Joseph had dreamt about his own future but had no idea how that future was gonna manifest. I doubt he was even aware that it was through his being sold into slavery or shut up in prison that would cause the dream he’d had to come to pass. If you tend to focus on just yourself because you have this big dream, you’d end up unable to achieve the dream and make the impact you’re supposed to. Because it takes people to position themselves and provide resources assigned to them by God to help you bring your dream to fruition. Don’t underestimate the power of supporting others when it comes to accomplishing your dreams. Learn to treat people well and keep your conscience upright, and your dream/assignment would be on it’s way to total fulfilment.
  3. Don’t be afraid of situations that go contrary to your dreams/assingments: Life sometimes is such that, you would never be able to understand what would happen next or how it will happen. It takes a person with faith and trust in God to continually walk a path even though the hurdles are mind-boggling and feet stumbling (hehehe). Sometimes, the path to your dream/assignment accomplishment would run through the “lungulungu” part of town, instead of the straight route, so be prepared for all circumstances and look for the best out of each happening. The end is definitely going to be glorious if that is God’s will for you.
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These were the nuggets I could recall from that encounter, seeing I’ve waited 3 good days to unleash the nuggets, life happened to some of them so I guess I forgot.

Another lesson I took away from this particular trotro is that, when people want to be fake, nothing can stop them, they’ll go all the way up. So there were these two guys in front of me talking: one had a very heavy Nigerian accent and they spoke freely, but immediately the bus took off, it’s like they’d suddenly become “new creation”. Their accent and tone just changed drastically, they were sounding like people who’d lived in Britain their whole lives. You should have seen the shock written all over my face when I realised the drama they were staging. Cause along the journey, one guy got calls and spoke flawless Twi without accent, but the moment he switched to English, the “slur” just came. Like I mean, it was their natural flow, like he wasn’t the one speaking flawless Twi, a minute ago. Sisthren and Brethren, don’t get fooled by these fake people erh, they are all around us.

3broa yatutu – Roasted maize
Lungulungu – Short Cut Route

This brings us to the end of Today’s TD show. Brought to you proudly by Mimispassion.

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Who Moved My Cheese 

I found myself reading this book yesterday afternoon and wondered how come after all these years I’m now getting to read the book. I had encountered it with friends but never bothered to ask any more information about it as the title didn’t sound too catchy to me back then, unlike the way it’s jumping at me now that I’ve devoured the contents. Thinking about how short and concise the story is, makes me more ashamed for not having read it earlier. But the fun part of life is that, everything happens for a reason and in a specific season. This is the time I needed the info and it has come just at the right time. Edward, thanks for recommending the book to me. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the few lessons I’m gonna share and find a way and time to download the book and read it. Cheers and enjoy!


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I have a dream


I wasn’t always this way;
I was a child shut in by tradition, afraid to speak of my dreams;
Lest I be thrown into a well and shipped off to Egypt;
So I learned to dream under wraps:
Hidden by thick blankets of self-doubt and people pleasing,
A prisoner of despair: my little heart-broken beyond repair;
Broken into pieces by the hammer of discouragement,
The hammer who spoke a language only I could understand:
A language whose chief alphabets spell “YOU CAN’T DO THIS” –

For so long, I stayed imprisoned by the shackles of depression and repression;
Pushing the gifts deeper down, denying their existence for fear of being unique,
I feared being special:
being Saved, Prepared, Equipped, Constructed Intrinsically Agile for Life;
I couldn’t fathom that I had to be different; it didn’t make any sense to be;
Because being different meant being bullied;
Different meant being too proud;
Different meant being too scared of being wrong;
Different meant accepting me for all I was;
Different meant accepting the responsibility that I was carved & created for a time like this;
That my frame was tall and weight light so I could fly;
That my mind worked non-stop so I could provide solutions;
That my heart beat with passion for a reason;

I wasn’t always like this,
I failed to see that being mediocre was what was killing me;
Failed to identify that voice of fear and replace it with faith;
Fear that made me stoop and squat when I was made to stand;
Fear that crippled me and kept me from running when I was designed to fly;
I never used to be this way;
Never used to be confident in who God made me to be;
Didn’t imagine I could be an influence, much more a positive one;
Never dreamt of being a voice to my generation;

I thank God for the revelation;
That I was made for such a dispensation;
That provision had been made for the great vision;
That I had nothing to do with discouragement;
Because my influence and fulfilment of purpose and vision is by divine arrangement;
I thank God for the liberation;
That has caused my life to be a constant purpose celebration.

Whoever you are and whatever you are going through whilst trying to follow God’s will for your life, be encouraged that the vision is for an appointed time and that though it tarried, it will surely come to pass. God doesn’t start anything He wouldn’t or can’t finish. Keep trusting.



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Not Too Late to Dream

too late

Age is just a number. It’s not another member of your body to determine what you can or can’t do. It’s your mindset and the way you choose to  see life that affects what you can or can’t do at any appointed time. I remember in scripture when the bible said ” And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.” — Gen 11:6

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