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We Moved!!

Mimispassion keeps growing because of your commitment and loyalty. We moved to a new home about a month ago. In case you didn’t know, you can now find us here:, do subscribe and follow to continue being a part of the family.

You have missed two posts so far, Train Up A Child and The Fears of the Firstborn

Get in touch and let’s continue doing great things.


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Train Up A Child – How to Raise Strong and Intelligent Children

Too often we give children answers to remember instead of problems to solve. Roger Lewin The kind of adult who develops from your child usually depends on the kind of training and upbringing you give him/her. It is a rare occurrence to find children who turn out vastly different from the kind of training they […]

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Hey, everyone, I moved to, I would do well to keep posting the links to the newer articles here. Do head over to the new website and leave me a comment so that I know we are still connected. It’s been awesome with you here over the past 2 years. Let’s keep the relationship going. Don’t forget to follow or subscribe to keep getting updates.


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Trotro Diaries #3

I happened to get to the station late so ended up missing out on sitting at the front seat as I always do. Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I ended up cramped in the middle of two guys: one with a smelly and sweaty fragrance (if that’s even possible) and the other with a sweaty and kind of nice fragrance. I tried to put my head down, but the sweaty and smelly guy (who I’d henceforth refer to as SS) would not put his arm down and even when he did, my head could still not stay down.

Unfortunately for me, our regular bus preacher had become very familiar with me. To the extent that he asks me where I’m going if I happen to intentionally pass by the bus headed for my destination just to go get some “3broa yatutu” aka “roasted maize”. Because he’d become familiar with me, he gets into the habit of looking into my face for some confirmation or what not – I can’t even tell whilst preaching. It was in a bid to avoid his gaze that I wanted to try putting my head down but since Mr SS wouldn’t let me, I pretended to be doing something on my phone whilst listening to him. And the message he shared, as always touched me and opened my mind to certain ways of thinking that I’d never travelled on before.

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Who Moved My Cheese 

I found myself reading this book yesterday afternoon and wondered how come after all these years I’m now getting to read the book. I had encountered it with friends but never bothered to ask any more information about it as the title didn’t sound too catchy to me back then, unlike the way it’s jumping at me now that I’ve devoured the contents. Thinking about how short and concise the story is, makes me more ashamed for not having read it earlier. But the fun part of life is that, everything happens for a reason and in a specific season. This is the time I needed the info and it has come just at the right time. Edward, thanks for recommending the book to me. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy the few lessons I’m gonna share and find a way and time to download the book and read it. Cheers and enjoy!


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