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As discussed in our previous post, transitioning into the work environment isn’t something that most students are usually prepared for. It is too easy to carry the mentality of being a student into the classroom of the workplace. As we are all well aware of by now, life itself is a huge classroom that has no walls or windows, it is just this vast expanse of lessons upon lessons and if you fail to learn the lesson the first time, be prepared to meet that trial again in order for you to learn that lesson.

In the light of learning lessons and being aware of the classroom we’re always in, I would like to establish some do’s that each student/individual transitioning should consider. These are purely my own thoughts garnered from my one year of experience in the work world and my observation of and interaction with friends, colleagues and superiors.


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The African Narrative – Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2017


The Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2017 was an event organized by the UNDP  and UNCTAD  in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and ICT in Rwanda. It was hosted by H.E. Paul Kagame, the president of Remarkable Rwanda. This Summit was inaugural and  first of its kind to be hosted in Africa. It brought together about 3,000+ students, business owners, policy makers, entrepreneurs, billionaires, government officials etc. from Africa and other parts of the world. All these people came together to engage in a discussion about Africa’s future, about moving the youth – which is Africa’s potential, from a state of being potential to a state of actual success. The two-day event had a range of speakers, from Bankers, to millionaires and billionaires, artist/businessmen etc. who addressed the various aspects of Africa that had a hold on the development of potential of the African youth. Africa Connekt was to Initiate Policy, Establish Programs and Form Sustainable Partnerships. Continue reading “The African Narrative – Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2017”

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I don’t want a friendship where…




I don’t want a friendship where you ask me to tell you about myself,
As though we were in an interview,

I want the friendship which grows and blossoms by itself,
One in which after getting to know each other better,
Our best parts glow and bad parts go low,
I want a friendship which has a natural flow.

I don’t want a friendship where you ask me “can I be your friend?”
As if life was Facebook where you spend time
responding to friend requests from people you don’t know,
I want a friendship which doesn’t tear down, but rather builds up,
One in which there’s freedom to fool and
freedom to receive corrections for growth,
A friendship where instant feedback is appreciated,
not like Instagram where all you do is like,
I want a friendship between souls, not physical bodies and virtual realities.

I don’t want a friendship where I lead and you follow,
It’s not like we’re trying to copy Twitter,
I want a friendship where we are equal
and contribute value to each other’s life,
One in which we push each other to explore our fullest potential,
Not one that ridiculing other’s and their dreams is what makes us full,
I want a friendship which never ends
because we help each other be fulfilled.

I don’t want a friendship where you are a prey and I am the predator,
A friendship where all I do is milk you dry
of all your resources without giving back,
I want a friendship where our contributions to each other’s life
is engineered by the Holy Spirit Himself,
One that has Jesus at the center and so
can’t tip-off like a rotation of the earth,
I don’t want an eclipse friendship,
where there’s abnormality because one tried to rob the other,
I want a friendship which is full of substance and form.


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How To Transition From Being A Student To An Employee

Life doesn’t always announce the challenges ahead, you need to always be ready to handle the difficulties that life brings.

Every year, thousands of graduates in Ghana migrate from being students to employees. This usually happens at least within the first year of coming out of the university, largely because of national service (a story on its own). Fortunately, or unfortunately, most undergraduates come out of school unprepared for the working world, most of them come in with their limited experience of being interns. It’s true that national service sometimes is like a prolonged internship/attachment (as we’re used to in Ghana), but the reality on the ground is that, after the one year, you are actually going to transition into the corporate world or working world. It is thus important that during this transition period in your life, you make yourself open to opportunities that will make you stand out as an individual who wants to get employed or wants to employ himself.

Continue reading “How To Transition From Being A Student To An Employee”

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To my lost love

Image credit: Pinterest

I have a story to tell;
Whispered the little bird;
On top of my shoulder it perched and it’s dirge it did sing;
Of a love so great, but that couldn’t last;
Of a love suddenly broken by life’s pressures;
Of a love between two beautiful souls;
It told the story thus;

He once loved a damsel, she was the very epitome of beauty and graciousness;
She was the one who made his heart beat in a rhythmic manner;
She, whose smile so captivated him, he forgot his sorrows when with her;
She, who made life look so easy just by dreaming of their beautiful future together;
She, who gave him courage to seek what he truly believed in;
She spurred him on to greatness and making a difference;
A love, who brightened his world, giving him hope for each day.

Then life happened, he woke up one day and she was gone;
No goodbye, no parting gifts or messages, not even a parting hug;
He didn’t know he could have saved her;
He didn’t know she had been dying but refused to tell him;
She had planned it all along, didn’t want him to hurt;
Now he held her in his arms, unable to save her;
Her beautiful smile faded into a cold and still expression he couldn’t name;

My lost love, the one who my heart beat in response to;
My lost love, wish I could turn back the hands of time;
My lost love, do come back to me, tell me you’re back;
Laugh loudly again and erase my worries;
Stay with me now, don’t leave me to face life without you;
Till we meet again, you’d be the love I cherished and appreciated;
Thank you for being my love, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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