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The Christ Pitch

Mansa’s lips were quivering and she felt the heat from her phone pressed in her palms. She had the scripture open on the phone, and the urge to speak out was stronger now than ever. But this was a “trotro” and she had most often had issues with how some of these “trotro” preachers went about sharing their “gospel”. So she resorted to giving herself all sorts of excuses, trying to convince herself that these people had already heard so much and wouldn’t want to be disturbed by her “English laden speech”. But truth triumphed over fear and she decided that she would speak, whether someone needed the message or not. After all, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t prompt her if no one needed the message. Now she opened her mouth to speak, but no words were flowing, the hallelujah was in her head but didn’t seem to be coming out through her mouth. She kept at it until she heard her voice boom through the whole vehicle and started speaking immediately what the Spirit had laid on her heart. She was shaking but kept speaking, and strangely enough, the people were quiet and very attentive to what she had to say. She finished speaking and went back to looking at her phone, thanking God softly under her breath for speaking and ministering through her.


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mimispassion #poetry

The seas roared loudly, breaking eardrums;
The winds beat against this sinking ship, no more room for conundrums;
It is my heart, deeply in trouble at the turn of events;
Sucked in beyond what I can bear, dragged in deep by hugs sparsely given;
Your touch on my skin sent millions of cells rushing into the titanic, only to be crushed when reality hit;
You tore me apart and wrung open my treasure chest, the island that no one ever dared venture to;
Like a pendulum, you kept wavering, shifting to the left, then to the right;
I was in my physics lab all over again, with my graph book and pencil;
Sketching the “hi’s” and “low’s”, trying to gauge the next value of balance;
Your love had induced me to sleep, a trance I wasn’t ready to awake from.

All Rights Reserved. Mimispassion © 2017

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Four Common Career Misconceptions


A lot of young people have a lot of questions and misconceptions about developing a career and how to go about it. Most people end up allowing life happen to them without giving wings to the ideas they have to fly. It is important to debunk certain mindsets and ideas in order to develop a career that is fulfilling at the same time impact filled. These ideas that have been passed on from generation to generation like a family heirloom need to be done away with. Some of the misconceptions you need to watch out for include:

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For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.
1 John 2:16‭-‬17 ESV
Christianity hasn’t changed. It hasn’t been modernized and there is no new version to be downloaded from the play store, app store or windows store. The truth is that, Christianity isn’t an app that everyone can download or use. It is meant for only people who are willing to and can bear the cost of sacrifices and pure living associated with being Christian. God’s standards haven’t changed and for everyone who professes Christ, you should be aware that the Christian life is more than confession or affiliation, it is commitment at the core and the desire to stay pure and stick to God through all the changing scenes of life, in trouble and in joy.

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