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We Moved!!

Mimispassion keeps growing because of your commitment and loyalty. We moved to a new home about a month ago. In case you didn’t know, you can now find us here:, do subscribe and follow to continue being a part of the family.

You have missed two posts so far, Train Up A Child and The Fears of the Firstborn

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Train Up A Child – How to Raise Strong and Intelligent Children

Too often we give children answers to remember instead of problems to solve. Roger Lewin The kind of adult who develops from your child usually depends on the kind of training and upbringing you give him/her. It is a rare occurrence to find children who turn out vastly different from the kind of training they […]

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Hey, everyone, I moved to, I would do well to keep posting the links to the newer articles here. Do head over to the new website and leave me a comment so that I know we are still connected. It’s been awesome with you here over the past 2 years. Let’s keep the relationship going. Don’t forget to follow or subscribe to keep getting updates.


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Most Fashionable

It was all supposed to be a joke until she ripped off her dress;
Leaving me with a Formica board that described the preciseness of God,
The well-proportioned body with deftly carved out parts screamed to be appreciated,
I went into a hypovolemic shock, as the blood rushing to my brain stopped in its trail,
Nothing could work properly as the whole body became victim to the brain’s derail, 
Suddenly, something snapped.

Boom, I was back with a bang;
A bang of intense irritation and despite as I looked at her;
I was angry at her, yes, how could she do that?
Rob me of my mind’s rights and privileges?
Rob me of an opportunity that was solely mine to explore,
Why did she have to make it look like I was incapable of living up to my brain’s capacity,
Cutting off my brain power like that as if she worked with Ghana’s electricity company.

It was my right to undress her,
True that I was shy and couldn’t lift a finger to open the tightly fitted dress,
Talk more of having  ripped it apart to reveal the glory that it was to cover,
She could have still given me a chance,
Not make everything so easy like ABC,

I was dead with words but not my mind,
The normal thing was for guys to undress ladies in their minds,
But now we’ve lost that privilege to being fashionable,
So many naked people walking around, it ain’t even funny
Guess what a man can do, a woman can most definitely do better!!!

the fashionable mind

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Unconditional Love

You only love me when you can;
Making use of complex formulas and prerequisite requirements,
Making no room for my mistakes and stubbornness,
Forgetting that I’m human and would err,

Twisting and turning me emotionally, vexing the very soul within me;

You only love me when you can;
Raising the expectations of what gets you to love me,
Professing your undying love in words, but lacking accompanying actions,

Wanting to talk but being unable to because you were in a “don’t love you now” mood;
Breaking my little heart into millions of shattered glass like pieces;

You only love me when it’s convenient for you;
Picking me up and dropping me at your pleasure and sometimes leisure,

Praising me and telling me of your love when I please you;
Finding all faults in anything I do, just because you didn’t expect it,
Would you just make some time to truly understand me?

You only love me when you can,
Passing the love through a filter, passing me the liquid only when I ‘deserve’ it,

Throwing the chaff into my face when I don’t deserve it,
Looking at me and my actions through your judgement lens,
Only considering what other people apart from us would think,
Never for a moment considering how all this “timed” and “filtered” love confuses me;

You only love me when its convenient,
Only when it doesn’t cost you a limb or a neuron to do so,

When it’s convenient for pictures and applause,
Only when the cameras are on and shooting: only in the good times,
Do you even care if I see through all the act?
Or you’re human so I shouldn’t expect much of you?
Perhaps I should forget about ever getting the sacrifices that come with love……


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