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Wilfully Married VI


Ewura crept out of Kay’s arms, careful enough not to wake him. Last night had been lit. She had enjoyed every bit of the intimacy between them. Kay said it was his way of calming her nerves, and it sure did exactly that. She smiled and got out of the bed and gave Kay a kiss on his sleepy forehead. She slipped her feet into her superman branded bedroom slippers and went down to the living room. She put on her personal collection of soothing classical music which was her thinking and concentration companion.

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Kid Flash

So as y’all would be aware of by now, I’m a super huge fan of “The Flash”, not that I believe all those wild scientific occurrences and the multiverse and all that. But I love it cause it reflects certain values and beliefs that society has lost over time in the pursuit of wealth and fame. So for those who haven’t read the previous flash related posts, here’s a recap. Read The Flash and Reverse Flash. To all who have supported Mimispassion since it’s inception, I extend my gratitude and I pray Mimispassion leaves enough impact for your generations to come and experience. Special shout outs to Theresa, Dodzi and Paul for encouraging me to post something. This is my gift to y’all. Enjoy your read!!



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The Faith March

Having faith in God might appear like a Herculean task or a Sisyphean enterprise, but once you know God is a God who doesn’t fail nor disappoint, you can place your faith in Him, daily reminding yourself of His word which never fails

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Wilfully Married V

Papa Koomson and Theresa, finally the continuation is here eh. Very sorry for the long break. To compensate you, I’ve tried to make it a little longer. lol…. The story was refusing to continue oh… I hope you enjoy it. Thess, I hope we won’t fight about it again. Hehe.. To my new readers, do take your time and enjoy from the Prologue to this one. The binge readers too, I see you, though. Thanks y’all for the support. And guess I’d have to say Happy Belated Val’s day. Enjoy…..!!!

Credits:  Ain’t he cute, though?

Kay sat quietly by his wife on the bed reading online about the statistics of survival and the willingness to continue life for women who had gone through what Ewura had experienced. With more emphasis on women who had an active career and had only warmed up to being mothers after pregnancy. The stats he was seeing wasn’t too encouraging, but he hoped deep within him that Ewura would be an exceptional case. After all, hadn’t she always been the exception to the rule most part of her life? He believed she’ll survive and the gregarious and determined spirit wouldn’t be crushed by the loss, stress, and pain of the surgery.

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Let there be light and there was light

My pain was supposed to take flight,

The darkness was supposed to turn bright,

The time was supposed to be right, for everything to be alright,

Alas, it’s not automatic, who will save me from this sorrowful plight?

My fate was tied to my faith, my faith was to keep me from being late;

Love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and iniquity you shall hate;

Yet I chose to entertain iniquity, it became the food I ate;

Goodness and mercy shall follow me, but depression and misery filled my plate;

Alas, nothing comes automatic, how will I get through this gate?

Like an eagle, I was supposed to soar: high above all worldly limitations;

Breaking barriers of lies and blazing new trails of hope and love –which conquers all,

Like a lion, I was supposed to roar: boldly and loudly enough to scare off all principalities and powers,

Cause my Jesus already made a public display of them and dismantled their kingdom,

But alas, nothing comes automatic: I had to put my knowledge to application.

Automatic or strategic?  Planned or surprise?

Robotic or manual? 

Controlled or free range?

The choice remains yours to make,

Alas, nothing comes automatic: life becomes what you make it…

Inspired by  daily prompt: AUTOMATIC

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