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Most Fashionable

It was all supposed to be a joke until she ripped off her dress;
Leaving me with a Formica board that described the preciseness of God,
The well-proportioned body with deftly carved out parts screamed to be appreciated,
I went into a hypovolemic shock, as the blood rushing to my brain stopped in its trail,
Nothing could work properly as the whole body became victim to the brain’s derail, 
Suddenly, something snapped.

Boom, I was back with a bang;
A bang of intense irritation and despite as I looked at her;
I was angry at her, yes, how could she do that?
Rob me of my mind’s rights and privileges?
Rob me of an opportunity that was solely mine to explore,
Why did she have to make it look like I was incapable of living up to my brain’s capacity,
Cutting off my brain power like that as if she worked with Ghana’s electricity company.

It was my right to undress her,
True that I was shy and couldn’t lift a finger to open the tightly fitted dress,
Talk more of having  ripped it apart to reveal the glory that it was to cover,
She could have still given me a chance,
Not make everything so easy like ABC,

I was dead with words but not my mind,
The normal thing was for guys to undress ladies in their minds,
But now we’ve lost that privilege to being fashionable,
So many naked people walking around, it ain’t even funny
Guess what a man can do, a woman can most definitely do better!!!

the fashionable mind

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Unconditional Love

You only love me when you can;
Making use of complex formulas and prerequisite requirements,
Making no room for my mistakes and stubbornness,
Forgetting that I’m human and would err,

Twisting and turning me emotionally, vexing the very soul within me;

You only love me when you can;
Raising the expectations of what gets you to love me,
Professing your undying love in words, but lacking accompanying actions,

Wanting to talk but being unable to because you were in a “don’t love you now” mood;
Breaking my little heart into millions of shattered glass like pieces;

You only love me when it’s convenient for you;
Picking me up and dropping me at your pleasure and sometimes leisure,

Praising me and telling me of your love when I please you;
Finding all faults in anything I do, just because you didn’t expect it,
Would you just make some time to truly understand me?

You only love me when you can,
Passing the love through a filter, passing me the liquid only when I ‘deserve’ it,

Throwing the chaff into my face when I don’t deserve it,
Looking at me and my actions through your judgement lens,
Only considering what other people apart from us would think,
Never for a moment considering how all this “timed” and “filtered” love confuses me;

You only love me when its convenient,
Only when it doesn’t cost you a limb or a neuron to do so,

When it’s convenient for pictures and applause,
Only when the cameras are on and shooting: only in the good times,
Do you even care if I see through all the act?
Or you’re human so I shouldn’t expect much of you?
Perhaps I should forget about ever getting the sacrifices that come with love……


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Trotro Diaries #3

I happened to get to the station late so ended up missing out on sitting at the front seat as I always do. Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I ended up cramped in the middle of two guys: one with a smelly and sweaty fragrance (if that’s even possible) and the other with a sweaty and kind of nice fragrance. I tried to put my head down, but the sweaty and smelly guy (who I’d henceforth refer to as SS) would not put his arm down and even when he did, my head could still not stay down.

Unfortunately for me, our regular bus preacher had become very familiar with me. To the extent that he asks me where I’m going if I happen to intentionally pass by the bus headed for my destination just to go get some “3broa yatutu” aka “roasted maize”. Because he’d become familiar with me, he gets into the habit of looking into my face for some confirmation or what not – I can’t even tell whilst preaching. It was in a bid to avoid his gaze that I wanted to try putting my head down but since Mr SS wouldn’t let me, I pretended to be doing something on my phone whilst listening to him. And the message he shared, as always touched me and opened my mind to certain ways of thinking that I’d never travelled on before.

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World Without End – WWE

Koku Dzakpasu shut the washroom door behind him silently and stood behind it for a few seconds, trying to collect his thoughts. He could feel the sting of tears in his eyes and for a moment he wished he could just cry and let out all the disappointment. His weird mind briefly rebuked whoever invented “men don’t cry”. He couldn’t even fathom what kind of backward thinking person invented that. Ah well, he came here for business. He moved to face the mirror to properly assess which part of his face actually brought him all this bad luck and troubles. He was scared he might end up believing that he really wasn’t meant to enjoy any good in life, even though he tried to believe in God.

Efo Dzakpasu, Koku’s father had run away and left them with his cripple mother when he was entering his teenage years. He being the first of three had to assume the role of a father and a bread-winner. His mom’s begging sprees didn’t always bring in enough to feed them, talk less of making them comfortable at home.  He had served as a house boy, dispatch rider, messenger, potty truck driver, Zoomlion agent, sold Fanmilk on those bicycles, in fact, he had shed a lot of sweat and dignity to get to become the in-house facility manager of Dunces Metallics he was at the moment.

He had sensed the hostility the first day he reported.  It was as though he had suddenly murdered the previous manager to plant himself there. Everybody, including the CEO – who was at least supposed to be on his side, was against him. It was like an ingrown nail syndrome that was happening, they couldn’t get rid of him easily and yet he was a pain in their side. It was as though he emanated a fragrance that attracted bad news and hostility from anyone who came in touch with him. He enjoyed working but the people always had a way of getting him to want to give up almost every single day. Sometimes he wondered if any of his parents had gone for a good luck charm which had reverted when he came into the picture or what. So so bad luck dey follow am every where.

Even all the ladies he met and wanted to develop lasting relationships with totally jilted him at the prime of their friendship with silly excuses of not being ready and tribal differences and all that nonsense. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the rumours that he was gonna be fired soon. Some colleagues had been talking about it when he happened to overhear that part of the conversation before they realized he was headed their way.

Still standing in front of the mirror, he opened his mouth to try to pray cause after all, Job prayed when sorrow hit him, he figured he could do that too. No sooner had he opened his mouth than it started spewing attack balls at God like he was playing the all familiar ping pong game all over. That was when he decided it was better to remain tight-lipped than try to even pray. Jesus take the wheel, he muttered then walked out of the washroom, having ensured his eyes were showing no trace of the emotional meltdown he’d just experienced. He put on his smile and walked to his desk.

5 minutes after he sat at his desk, the desk-phone rang, the HR manager was calling him. “Can you please see me in my office, Koku?” Her masculine voice boomed over the phone. “Yes madam, he replied”. After he put back the receiver, he held his head in his hands for about a minute and said another Jesus take the wheel, more to comfort himself than necessarily solicit God’s help.

“Good morning Koku, have a seat”, Miss Azaliah said whilst motioning to the chair in front of her. Koku sat with all the confidence and defiance he could muster. During his short walk to her office, he’d decided to put on a tough face, they should know that they couldn’t break him, even if it meant he was gonna be fired.  “Koku, Miss Azaliah begun, you’ve been with us for just about a year and half and I must say we have been pleased with your work so far. The board members appreciate your time and all the extra hours of commitment you had to put in. All the times you had to be resourceful and come up with non-existent solutions to problems are all appreciated. But the truth is that, this office has become a little cramped up and we will need to transfer some of the workers lay off some as well. It has been a very difficult decision to make, but it wasn’t something we could avoid. You are……”

Beads of sweat broke on his forehead and suddenly his palms had become clammy,  he was rubbing the palms together as softly as he could. He saw a smile on Miss Azaliah’s face and concluded that, being the nice woman she was, she would let him go with a smile so it doesn’t look like she’s a mean person. How would she say it, ” I’m sorry Koku, but we have to let you go or it was great working with you sir (in her formal tone), but we’ve come to the end of the road,or better still candidly say “you’re fired!”. Gosh, she had already said “you are”, oh no!!!! Couldn’t she have been a little nicer, “you’re fired is just so mean…..” 

Mr Dzakpasu, Koku, Koku, did you hear what I just said? Koku heard his name a little too loudly, which halted his mental journey to being fired at his first proper job. Apologizing profusely, “Miss Azaliah, please repeat yourself, I didn’t catch what you just said”, he stuttered. Smiling again, she said ” I said, the board has been pleased with your work, and seeing how much you’ve personalised the company and made sacrifices for it, we couldn’t find any better person to head our new branch but you. Congratulations sir, you’re the new branch manager of Dunces Metallics in the Southern Province. I wish you all the best“, she said whilst rising from her seat and extending a hand to Koku.

Koku was in shock whilst shaking her hand and didn’t realise he’d been holding her hand for a while, until she wriggled it free from his grip. “That would be all”, she said in a firm dismissive tone. Koku couldn’t even find his voice to apologize for holding on to her for so long. He just nodded and walked away in a dazed manner towards the nearest washroom, closed the door and washed his face several times with the running water. He had wanted to push his face under the water, but advised himself against it since it would wet his shirt. He stood in front of the mirror and staring at his wet face with matted eyelids slapped himself twice and pinched his eyelid twice, before shaking his head and saying to himself  “Jesus took the wheel after all”, village boy like me, now going to head the newest branch of such a big company. “Ayooo….akpe na wo Yehowa”.

Ayoo — Okay (with a certain stress)
Akpe na wo Yehowa — Thank you God/Jehovah

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Spiritual Influence

I longed for His presence;
but my mind in it’s twisted nature;
kept bringing up images and thoughts that swayed me;
It’s hyperactivity kept rising like the temperature of a child with fever;
I relived memories and mistakes and all the disappointments so long it felt like forever;
I traveled down the path where I used to meet him and enjoy him;
The good old days when my life was prim and proper;
All of these extra-territorial-mental activity ended up in a proclivity of guilt and ungodly remorse;
Which left me with nothing but His absence.

So I took to writing, whenever my heart was itching;
Longing for an influence that transcends all understanding;
But I couldn’t help envy, nor jealousy, nor being angry at everybody and nobody;
I couldn’t resist smiling enough to be loved but not ready to open my heart;
Scores and scores of offenses I did harbor in my heart;
Murmuring at no one in particular but forgiving no one either;
I thought His presence had eluded me;
So I dwelt continuously in my delusions of being alone;
Tearing apart anyone that dared bring me back to the hope of His glory;
Which is Christ in me.

His influence I did lace with my flesh;
Trying to live in the spirit yet paying heed to my own trash;
His divine love kept calling out but I preferred my struggles;
After all, every man earned wages for his job responsibilities;
And mine I surely had to receive, no need to let Him relive;
The pain, torture and disgrace His grace bore to keep me in the race;
O miserable man that I am, who shall rescue me from myself?
His influence went into hibernation as He realized I wasn’t ready for the updates;
Updates that would make my firmware able to absorb His forgiveness and function better.

I knew His joy was my strength but I was busy grieving Him so how could I be strong?
How could I accept His Holy Influence when I knew I was so wrong?
How could I join the angels in this song?
Of redemption and grace and a second chance?
“For I was bruised for your transgressions, humiliated for your mistakes;”
Amazing grace just found me, with tears in my eyes I begin to speak in the tongues;
Not of men and of angels but that which conveyed my deepest fears in an understanding I couldn’t fathom;
“Come unto me all ye who labor”, indeed I have found rest now;
In the arms of the Influence that birthed me and has given me eternal life.

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