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To Live Again


Sharon was back to her favorite and yet least favorite place in the house. Dark and out of sight she liked to think it was. It’s funny how her life had become an irony too soon. The bliss and gaiety had all disappeared, leaving just gloom and doom.

She shut her eyes firmly and closed her ears as she anticipated the worst yet again. Her kind and sweet father had suddenly taken to drinking and always came home to take it out on her frail mother. And since they were the only 3 people living in the house, her mom had no one to save her and so continued to endure the pain, disrespect, hurt and disgrace almost every blessed day. Blessed wasn’t a word her mom would call her day.

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Wilfully Married VI


Ewura crept out of Kay’s arms, careful enough not to wake him. Last night had been lit. She had enjoyed every bit of the intimacy between them. Kay said it was his way of calming her nerves, and it sure did exactly that. She smiled and got out of the bed and gave Kay a kiss on his sleepy forehead. She slipped her feet into her superman branded bedroom slippers and went down to the living room. She put on her personal collection of soothing classical music which was her thinking and concentration companion.

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Wilfully Married V

Papa Koomson and Theresa, finally the continuation is here eh. Very sorry for the long break. To compensate you, I’ve tried to make it a little longer. lol…. The story was refusing to continue oh… I hope you enjoy it. Thess, I hope we won’t fight about it again. Hehe.. To my new readers, do take your time and enjoy from the Prologue to this one. The binge readers too, I see you, though. Thanks y’all for the support. And guess I’d have to say Happy Belated Val’s day. Enjoy…..!!!

Credits:  Ain’t he cute, though?

Kay sat quietly by his wife on the bed reading online about the statistics of survival and the willingness to continue life for women who had gone through what Ewura had experienced. With more emphasis on women who had an active career and had only warmed up to being mothers after pregnancy. The stats he was seeing wasn’t too encouraging, but he hoped deep within him that Ewura would be an exceptional case. After all, hadn’t she always been the exception to the rule most part of her life? He believed she’ll survive and the gregarious and determined spirit wouldn’t be crushed by the loss, stress, and pain of the surgery.

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Wilfully Married IV


Zaki“, Kay called out from the porch to the gateman. “Yes sa“, Zaki responded and run to where his master stood. ‘Where is madam’? Kay asked. “Sa, madam sey make a tell you sey she lef. Kay, obviously not pleased with the answer, asked him again, didn’t she tell you where she was going? ” No sa“, came Zaki’s reply. Okay, you go back to your post, clean my car for me, I’ll be going out in a while. “Yes sa sa“, Zaki said and walked away towards his room to get the duster to clean Kay’s car.

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Wilfully Married III


Boss, any comments? Boss, boss, Elsie called out, oblivious to the fact that her boss was anywhere but the meeting room. Mrs. Ampong, any last comments or recommendations before we roll out this ad?  No Elsie, if any comes up I’ll let you know immediately. — Ewura answered. Elsie was a little taken aback, cause her boss always had something to say about almost everything, and she loved her attention to detail that made all their ads and press content perfect. So for her to say she had no comments was weird and probably indicative of something wrong. But she had no right to pry, so she decided to let it go. After all, Jael was in the meeting and she was sure she had also noticed Ewurasi’s absent-mindedness, and Jael would surely find out what was up, so she let it go. Okay, if there are no more comments, we will end the meeting here and I’ll send all of us updates as to how everything fares. The meeting dispersed without Ewurasi realizing it had closed. She was shaken from her reverie by the insistent tapping on her shoulder and the far away mention of her name. She lifted her head to find her best friend and business partner Jael looking down at her with a worried face. Immediately, she knew something was wrong.

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